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Puzzle lovers say with one voice that Sudoku is the most popular, intellectual and logically interesting variant.

Classic Sudoku is considered not only as entertainment or a means of leisure, but also as a tool for developing the brain, thinking skills, building logical chains and mathematical abilities.

The game is said to have been invented by Dell, a puzzle expert from New York, in 1970. The development was published in Mathematical Puzzles and Logical Problems, the magazine owned by the developer of the game.

The game was further developed in Japan. The Japanese improved the idea, came up with a name and published it in the newspaper "Times" in 2004.

Sudoku consists of several levels, each of which corresponds to a certain degree of difficulty. But the inestimable advantage of this game is already noticeable in the first, the easiest level. Even when you learn the first basics of the puzzle, you can understand that you are not only having fun, but also improving your concentration.

And if you play every day, you develop skills, focus on certain moments and the version as a whole. Especially useful to spend time with Sudoku people of advanced age. They have a unique opportunity to maintain their mental abilities for a long time.

Newcomers who are not familiar with this fascinating intellectual game, it is best to start acquaintance with the puzzle with an easy level of complexity. Learn the rules and conditions at

How to play Sudoku correctly

Your goal is to enter numbers from 1 to 9 into special cells. The numbers are arranged in a table of 9 3x3 squares. Therefore, each row, column, and small square contains 9 cells.

The same number can be used only once in each column, row and cell.

The difficulty level is determined by the number of digits already in the cells. The easiest Sudoku opens the largest number of cells.

No matter how busy a person is, Sudoku will help to rest and gain strength, refresh the mind, hone the ability to solve logical problems.

Researchers believe that even a simple level is a great exercise for brain cells, reducing the risk of various diseases. Once you learn how to solve simple Sudoku quickly and with a minimum of mistakes, you can safely move on to solving medium Sudoku.

Funny logic game is designed for all ages. It is enjoyed by the elderly, adults and children.

The rules of the game in various applications are available to anyone who wants to discover the skills of a technician or mathematician.

Equally important is the factor of accessibility. Plunge into the atmosphere of a logical puzzle game can be anywhere there is Internet.

We have also developed a large number of useful features. You can delete or correct the entered data, get hints, stop the timer, make notes.

If necessary, you can use the stop function and interrupt the game at any stage by simply clicking on the pause button.