Pointing triples - sudoku technique

This technique works in the same way as "Pointing Pairs", but is used when we have a note with a number repeated in 3 cells of the same block in the same row or column. Such a match means that the given number is in one of the three cells of the column or row, and this number can be excluded from the other cells of the adjacent blocks.

To better understand the "Pointing triples" technique, let's look at an example. We used notes to mark which numbers would appear in the block and row. In the target block, the nine appears up to 3 times in the row + it also appears once in the row outside the block.

Sudoku rules imply that the nine must appear at least once in the left block. So you can remove the nine from the other cells in the row. The choice is now easier.

The "Pointing triples" technique works for rows and columns.

The technique is simple, but it allows you to narrow down the number of choices in your notes. And that means you're getting closer to solving the Sudoku. As with the methods listed above, "Pointing triples" can be combined with other techniques. This method will help you solve any level of Sudoku, from the easiest to the most difficult.