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Expert Sudoku is a logic puzzle with a very high level of difficulty. It can only be solved by experienced players. The rules are standard.

The player is presented with a classic square of 81 cells (9 by 9 cells). The field is divided into 9 smaller squares - 3 by 3 cells. In expert level Sudoku, the numbers are in fewer cells compared to less complex puzzles. You must place numbers from 1 to 9 in the empty cells so that each number appears only once in each 3x3 square, column, and row.

Advantages of solving Expert Sudoku

Logical puzzles increase brain activity. Solving Sudoku very difficult, you improve memory, attention, develop the ability to think logically. Regularly solving such tasks, you will very soon become an expert and move on to solving Sudoku of higher level of complexity.

On the site you will learn to solve expert Sudoku even easier. After all, beginners can use the hint function. After a while you will be able to do without it. There is also a correction function - if you play at the expert level of difficulty, you will have to make corrections more often.