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Solving Sudoku medium and complex levels requires developing the right tactics. After a quick run through the easy puzzles, there is confidence in the possibility of solving more difficult problems. At this point, you should proceed to higher level games. The rules for all types of Sudoku remain the same. The numbers 1-9 appear strictly once in each of the nine 3x3 squares. The main difference is the number of numbers initially produced.


Following a few tips will allow you to solve any problems. When solving the puzzle you should choose different shades for the individual numbers. This technique will allow you to trace that each digit appears no more than 1 time. Marking any symbol of a particular solution will allow you to keep track of the order of operations, which will simplify the process.

When participating in the online game, the player can use the notes that allow you to put the right numbers in certain squares. After checking the data can be replaced or deleted. Online hints make it easier to solve Sudoku.